Avalanche Hair Saver Treatment 16.7oz / 500ml - GVA hair
Avalanche Hair Saver Treatment 16.7oz / 500ml - GVA hair
Avalanche Hair Saver Treatment 16.7oz / 500ml - GVA hair

Avalanche Hair Saver Treatment 16.7oz / 500ml

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Avalanche Is An Revolutionary Product Developed In The Advanced Hair Laboratories In Order To Protect Hair Fibers And Roots From A Variety Of Chemical Activities That Are Used By Hair Stylists Such As Hair Brightening, Dyeing, Straightening And Any Action That Changes The Structure Of The Hair.

Also, Avalanche Restores Fiber Damages As A Result Of Previous Chemical Treatments And Other Reasons.


    • Clinically Proven To Restore Hair
    • Building Bonds
    • Does Not Cause Delays
    • Will Not Cause Delays Even With The Low Volumes
    • Never Tested On Animals 
    • Simply Science 


    • Protect Hair During Any Chemical Activity
    • Does Not Change The Working Order
    • Good  With Any Developer

    There Are Different Hair Types, Some Of Which Are Could Not Withstand The Intensity Of Hair Styling Chemical Activities Without Avalanche Complete Protection.

    Avalanche Is The Perfect Solution For Every Hair Designer That Concerns About His Client.

    Methods Of Stylists' Work Do Not Change. The Three Steps Of Avalanche Fit In A Variety Of Styling Actions And Do Not Cause Any Delays In The Chemical  Process.

    Avalanche Extends The Range Of Treatment Options For Hair Designers To New Horizons That Previously Were Unavailable. Using A Combination Of The Avalanche Kit With Stylists' Actions Makes Possible To Reach Brighter Shades Then Could Be Reached By The Most Aggressive Treatments Without A Change In The Structure Of The Hair And  Without Damaging It. Furthermore, Avalanche Improves Design Quality, Hair Dying Quality And Longer Lasting Desirable Shades.


    With The Help Of The Three Stages Of Avalanche Hair Looks Healthy, Strong, Soft And Shiny As If Never Undergo Any Chemical Action.




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